Data QA

Data Quality Analyst/Business Intelligence

Experience required in the field: 3+ years     

Working Hours: 5:30 AM - 2:30 PM ET    


  • Experience with data QA and ETL/ELT (Data Pipelines) QA     
  • Proficient in SQL (analytical functions, trending, windowing) - Traditional (For e.g., MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) Or Columnar (Like Vertica, Amazon Redshift)     
  • Experience working closely with teams outside of IT (i.e., Business Intelligence, Marketing, AdOps, Sales)     
  • Strong understanding of the Web analytics, metrics, KPIs and reporting     
  • Experience with automating regression tests, reporting platforms (For e.g. Tableau or Pentaho BI) and ETL tools (For eg. Pentaho or Talend) will be an added advantage     
  • Understanding of Ad stack, Email data and data (Ad Servers, DSM, DMP, etc) is good to have     

Role & Responsibilities:


  • Performing statistical tests on large datasets to determine data quality and integrity.     
  • Evaluating system performance and design, as well as its effect on data quality.     
  • Collaborating with database developers to improve data collection and storage processes.     
  • Running data queries to identify coding issues and data exceptions, as well as cleaning data.     
  • Gathering data from primary or secondary data sources to identify and interpret trends.     
  • Reporting data analysis findings to management to inform business decisions and prioritize information system needs.     
  • Documenting processes and maintaining data records.     
  • Adhering to best practices in data analysis and collection.     
  • Keeping abreast of developments and trends in data quality analysis.