Developer Support Engineer


Working Hours: Full PT Overlap; 9 AM - 6 PM 


  • Assist developers in converting their applications to 12-Factor principles so that the apps can run cleanly in a containerized environment, and migrate cleanly from one environment to the next 
  • Set up, monitor, and debug CI/CD pipelines constructed in GitLab and Jenkins. This includes Docker container builds managed by bespoke Jenkins libraries, so the job will entail debugging and enhancing these libraries (written in Groovy) from time to time 
  • Assist developers in debugging application configuration, code questions, or debugging issues across various languages: PHP, NodeJS, Java, Ruby, .NET Core, and sometimes even Elixir 
  • Assist developers to introduce exception reporting and APM metrics into existing and new applications, to improve runtime performance and error monitoring  
  • Monitor, tune, and debug issues related to application health and Kubernetes cluster health 
  • Identify bugs or shortcomings in the platform and implement solutions to make the IKE Platform better for users and/or easier to maintain 
  1. Required Skills:

  • git, including management of remotes, branching/merging, and rebasing 
  • Basics of Jenkins: Jobs, Pipelines, webhooks 
  • Basic RDBMS design and tuning 
  • Linux "power user" skills 
  • Docker concepts: 
    • Builds, including multi-stage builds 
    • Layer management and caching 
    • Volume management 
    • Security 
    • Container networking and IPC 
    • docker-compose 
  • Use of Kubernetes: namespaces, core objects (Deployment, StatefulSet, PersistentVolumes, etc.) 
  • Familiarity with configuring and automating Prometheus metrics collection and Grafana dashboards 
  • Familiarity with principles of web application development: 
    • Configuration by convention (e.g. Rails, Laravel, etc.) 
    • Proxying server configurations (Nginx and/Apache) 
    • Exception reporting, logging, and performance metrics 
  1. Good to know:

  • Rancher kubernetes cluster management 
  • 12-Factor concepts and their real-life application 
  • Familiarity with as many programming languages and frameworks as possible: PHP/Laravel, NodeJS, Java/Spring Boot, Ruby/Rails, .NET Core, Elixir, Rust, Python/Django/Flask, etc. 
  • Experience with MVC frameworks in particular