Obonjan Island

Custom designed and developed WordPress theme with built in booking platform.

Luxury camping resort.

Tourists want to see a lot of pictures, in hi-res, which makes websites slow to open unless you optimize it so well, it even runs video without taking ages to load.

What we did

Project started with LoFi wireframes and sketches that were presented to the client and after some information structure changes approved.

Static page were easy, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but making different sections “overlap” for parallax effect was not that easy. Our team went down to Obonjan to shoot all the images needed for the website.

Complete user control of content

Once design was done and approved, we did tests for all kinds of screens and bandwidths, just to make sure the experience was consistent with luxury brand.

After launch we gave the user ability to buidl their modules and custome fields using a backend plugin allowing for custom fields.