Custom designed and developed WordPress theme


Annual Social Media Manager Awards

The web site was designed by the who run the awards.

Based on their design we built a durable and Advanced Custom Fields PRO platform that is easy to manage and will probably run for as long as the SoMo Borac awards.


The design

The 404 agency, people who run Social Media Manager Awards came up with the design and gave us a list of desirable backend features, while they prepared the content for the launch.

Everything was done from scratch while the agency prepared all of the content and visuals for the launch in a very short time, since we collaborated on numerous projects and our communication was clear and constant.


The SoMo Borac website lives on

Using Advanced Custom Fields PRO gave our agency colleagues the ability to refresh website content however they saw fit for the future editions of the awards, since it allows for creation of custom fields and modular approach to page building.

Page is optimized for every screen, from mobile to HD.

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